About Bowz

Teppan Dining BOWZ provides a sophisicated environment and powerful performance from internationally experienced Japanese chefs.

BOWZ offers a wide range of the highest quality Teppan dishes accompanied by an exclusive selection of local and internaitonal of wines and sake.

Our qualified staff will assist the pairing of perfect wine or sake for the meal.

BOWZ is located near Auckland Central with a lot of free parking spaces availble. You will have an exciting new experience and enjoy our top quality hospitality.


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"WASHOKU" Japanese Cuisine ?

  • “Washoku (和食: Japanese cuisine)” is a food culture that has been an inseparable part of the Japanese daily lives since the ancient times, has been registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


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Japanese Style Dining Room ?

  • This private dining room is lined with 'Tatami' along the seats and across the walls to create the ultimate Japanese dining experience.


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  • Japanese Room